December 2, 2013

shop is open!

I was on the road yesterday when I opened the shop and horridly forgot to post about it here on the blog. I hope this didn't mess with too many of your plans, but there's still a few lovely things left for sale.You can find them at the SHOP link to the right, or right here.

Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving!

Here's a few shots of our trip up to Maine :)


  1. your Maine pics are amazing. especially the one with ice under your shoes!

  2. this last picture is so magical! I've been once in Maine in my life and it is a very good souvenir!

  3. Which camera and editing was used for these photos? So lovely.

  4. I love your photos of Mazie. Is it strange that the photo of her in her red coat reminds me of a scene from The Village?

  5. Second to last photo was probably the highlight of my day; it takes a lot to make me laugh out loud (even when I find something quite humorous) but that did the trick.


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